The Sculpture Foundation  

Education is a growing imperative for The Sculpture Foundation. We are producing more materials for distribution and use in the school systems and art centers.
Education 1

The Foundation provides all of the resources needed to launch community-wide activities as part of a comprehensive package of items that accompany every exhibition.

We work toward integrating all academic disciplines to mesh with classroom activities from creative writing assignments to the math classes, which ask students to measure and design a crate for a sculpture.

Education 2
The Foundation constantly updates our materials as we receive feedback and suggestions from teachers in the field.

Educators are pleased to add spice to their lesson plans and field trips to their schedule, which pique children's interest in exploring three-dimensional and other types of creative expression.
Education 3
During this time when fewer art and culture classes are provided by the traditional avenues, the events coordinated by the Foundation and their partners are much needed.
Education 4